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Journalist ("J”) visa

Journalists traveling to India will need to apply for a Journalist visa regardless of the nature of the trip. Journalist visa is issued to professional journalists and photographers for up to three months stay in India.
Journalist ("J" ) visa will be granted to a
  • i. Professional journalist,
  • Columnist, cartoonist/editor,
  • Photographer,
  • Film producer or director (other than of commercial films),
  • a representative of a radio and/or television organization,
  • Travel writer/travel promotion photographer etc or any
  • Professional journalist/owner working for an association or
  • A company engaged in the production or
  • Broadcast of audio visual news or
  • Current affairs programmes through the print, electronic or any other electronic form or any other mode of mass communication.
Type of visa to be issued to foreign journalists: 
ALL foreign journalists, regardless of the purpose of their visit, should be issued a “J” (journalist) visa for 3 (THREE) months only with a single entry. For example, even if a journalist is visiting India for tourism purposes, he WILL be issued a J visa –with an endorsement- FOR TOURISM ONLY, NOT VALID FOR PROFESSIONAL WORK/REPORTING.
(The only case when a foreign journalist is NOT issued a J visa, is when he seeks employment in an Indian media organization, in which case he/she is issued an “E” Visa, as per guidelines in Para vi below).
Note: Journalist Visa is not required for the nationals of following countries (Nepal and Bhutan).
Requirements for Journalist Visa:
  1. For College/University students: Letter from your institution on the institution's letterhead explaining the exact address that you presently reside.
  2. Undertaking Letter must be submitted with visa application, declaring the applicant is only visiting for tourism or business and will not engage in any journalistic activities. 
  3. Journalists affiliated with a media company going to India for journalism purposes or for tourism purposes are required to submit a letter from their company stating whether or not the applicant will be going for journalism or tourism only.
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