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Resumption of all over-the-counter Miscellaneous Consular services at the Consulate]

Applications for Miscellaneous Consular Services (Attestation, Power of Attorney, Police Clearance Certificates, etc.) can be sent to the Consulate through postal mail or in person on any working day (except declared Holidays) between 09.30 AM - 12.30 PM by taking prior appointment by email at cons.chicago@mea.gov.in

Please visit the website, https://www.cgichicago.gov.in/page/launching-of-esewa-portal-for-misc-consular-service-seekers/ for availing various Miscellaneous Consular Services through Online Consular Services System (eSewa Portal).

Queries related to Miscellaneous Consular services may also be emailed at cons.chicago@mea.gov.in



1. Miscellaneous Application Form

2. NORI Biodata form

3. NORI-Affidavit

4. Self sworn affidavit (NOC)

5. Self Sworn Affidavit for Registration of birth

6. Self sworn marriage affidavit

7. Marriage registration request form

8. Registration_of_birth_form.

9. Entry exit form for PCC

10. Life Certificate Form