About Us Guidelines for Indian Students in the United States

Consulate General of India
Guidelines for Indian Students in the United States
Before you arrive

    • Credentials of Universities: Perform due diligence and thoroughly check the credentials of Universities / Institutions online and with peer groups before taking admission. 
    • Travelling to the US: Do carry financial instruments sufficient to meet your needs while traveling to the United States. Carry proofs of payment of university fees and tuition deposit (if any) along with confirmation of accommodation before entering the country.

After reaching in the US

    • Student registration: Indian students are advised to register at the Embassy/Consulate website, based on their location. The consular jurisdiction of Embassy/Consulates are available here (hyperlink - https://www.indianembassyusa.gov.in/pages/MTk, ). The Embassy/Consulate in USA requests students from India to register at  https://www.indianembassyusa.gov.in/Indian_Students_Registration for close engagement with Embassy/Consulates.
    • Know the University/Institution: Know various services offered by your university and avail them. Generally, most of these services are funded from tuition fees. Enquire about them at the International Student Services Office.
    • Know your surroundings: It is important to know and avoid neighborhoods that are not well-lit and places that are known locally as ‘shady’. Do not venture out late at night to such areas. Move around in groups or at least with a few friends, if you must.
    • Remain connected: Be in touch with the Embassy/Consulates, local mentors/guardians and Indian community organizations. Update your whereabouts with family and close friends especially when moving outside alone.
    • Abide by local law: Take general precautions and abide by local laws and regulations including while driving or undertaking recreational activities (For example – wearing seatbelts even if sitting in the rear; not driving/swimming in inebriated condition; using life jackets during boating; dressing adequately to avoid hypothermia etc.) Avoid substance abuse.
  • Seek help if depressed/anxious: It is natural to feel lonely, while being in a new environment, away from home. Share your feelings with family, fellow students and teachers and feel free to connect with the Embassy/Consulates. Do not hesitate to call professional help or seek university services if you are feeling depressed or having anxiety attack. 
  • Medical insurance: Make sure you have valid and adequate medical insurance during your stay in the United States, preferably as recommended by the University.
  • Keep your Personal Information and Documents Safe: Keep your personal details safe, including your bank account and credit card details, since they can be easily misused.  Be very careful about storage of documents such as passport/visa, identification, immigration forms etc.
  • Beware of Money Mules: Anyone can be approached by money mules but criminals often target students. Beware of such people, social networking scams, and telephone calls requesting for your personal information and/or bank account details for money transfer

Working in the US

In case of Emergency while in the US

US Authorities: Dial 911 immediately and use the city’s 311 info line. In case of any untoward incident, report to the administrative division and International Students Office at the University immediately.

Consulate: Please note the Consulate’s emergency number +1 312-753-8530. In case of any difficulty, please reach out to the following points of contact at the Consulate:
Mr. Vinod Gautam, Consul (Head of Chancery and Community Affairs): hoc.chicago@mea.gov.in
Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Pal, Consul (Press, Information & Culture): pic.chicago@mea.gov.in
Mr. Manendra Kumar, Vice Consul (Consular & Education): cons.chicago@mea.gov.in