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India and the US Midwest – An Economic Partnership Seminar

India's economic relations with the United States of America have grown since the economic reforms. India ranks 24th among the trade partners of the US in terms of exports and 18th in terms of imports.

The total trade between India and Midwest was worth approximately $5,348,334,617 in 2014. The Midwest continues to play a central role in developing and implementing U.S. energy policy, utilizing its abundant and natural resources to provide low cost energy to consumers and industries.The Midwest is home to specialized concentrations in two of the four major bioscience subsectors: agricultural feedstock and chemicals and medical devices. States in this region have collected countless honors.

India has a thriving business sector with dynamic SMEs and large companies that are increasingly expanding overseas, educational institutions that are among the world’s best, and competent financial organizations.India’s economy is likely to grow by 5.9 percent, recording the second highest increase among the world’s larger economies, according to a UN report.For 2016, the report projects a growth of 6.3 percent for India’s gross domestic product (GDP) and of 3.3 percent for the world’s output.

The long-term outlook for the Indian economy is getting brighter.

Given the immense potential of Midwest and a promising growth of Indian economy, the Indian Consulate is organizing a Seminar on India's International Economic Relations”, & “Business Owner’s expectations from the New Government in India.

The topic could be defined into sub-topics for speakers - ‘Trading with India’ (Policies & FDI), ‘How to do trade in India’, Future of business with India with the new Government’, Exporting& Importing from Midwest’.